EVV Responsible Party How-To Guide

Sign and approve timesheets for processing

Log in as Responsible Party
Notification shows the number of timesheets you need to Approve – View
(Timesheets list as current date on top – oldest date on bottom)
View timesheets individually to Approve or Reject
(Reject – when a timesheet needs to be edited or deleted. Timesheets are sent back to the Caregiver to correct. If the timesheet needs to be deleted, send an email with the date, time, and Caregiver’s name to your coordinator, she will delete)
Approve All timesheets at one time – View All – scroll to the bottom
Click in Signature Box – Sign-Approve
When timesheets disappear from screen, they are complete and have been sent for processing

Records of timesheets approved

Click in the Clipboard tab
All timesheets submitted will list by month, double click to access individually

Client Budget

Click in the Single Person tab
Budget information for your client is here.

Set up a pin # to approve timesheets (shortcut)

Left top corner – Click on 3 lines to get drop down - Click Pin Settings – Create Pin, Confirm Pin  (Back out of the screen, you will get notified to re-enter your pin or create a new pin – no need to do this). You are now able to approve timesheets on the Caregiver app with your Pin # and signature. Timesheets are immediately sent for processing, the same as approving in the Responsible Party app.