Frontline Worker Pay Notice

You may have heard about a new Frontline Worker Payment. This is a one-time bonus payment from the State of Minnesota to thank those who worked during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The amount of the bonus has not yet been determined as it will be based on the number of applicants.

CDI is providing you this notice to promote your awareness that you may qualify for Frontline Worker Pay under the long-term care and home care classification.

This thank you is for workers that worked in close proximity, within 6 feet, to people outside of the individual’s household. This means that if you lived with the client, you may not qualify.

Each applicant must have worked with clients who did not live with them for at least 120 hours in Minnesota from March 15, 2020, through June 30, 2021. That is only an average of 2 hours per week or more over that 68-week period. Calculate hours by using your paystubs and your average schedule during that time. You do not need exact hours you worked. You do not need to obtain anything from CDI.

For other eligibility requirements around income limits and/or if you received unemployment benefits, please click HERE for the link to the Frontline Worker Pay Program FAQs PDF.

The following is the employer information you will need when you apply:​

  • Employer name: Client’s name that you work for must be used
  • Employer Phone number: 866-400-1017
  • Employer Address: PO Box 517, St. Joseph, MN 56374
  • Employer Email address -
  • Job Title – Consumer Directed Support Worker

You will need to direct any questions to the State of Minnesota, as they are paying you - not CDI. The State of Minnesota states that you do not need to verify or obtain anything from your employer. Please do not contact CDI with questions, as we will not be able to assist you beyond the facts provided to you in this email.

If you are eligible, you have until July 22, 2022 to sign up and apply online by clicking HERE.

You earned it!