Best in FMS

Consumer Directions has passed the Applied Self Direction Readiness Review and has demonstrated compliance with all elements of the F/EA core standards. The executive leadership team incorporates a person-centered philosophy and culture of excellence that is evident throughout the service delivery system. Consumer Directions, Inc. has developed systems and practices that will allow it to easily expand services while maintaining a high level of quality and exceptional service delivery.


National Recognition from Applied Self-Direction

Did you know you’re the best of the best? As an FMS member, CDI is part of an elite group. CDI has policies, procedures, and internal controls. CDI has favorite IRS forms. CDI went through a selective application process at Applied Self-Direction. Our team of FMS experts reviewed CDI’s application and without any identifying information about your organization and CDI accepted. Not everyone makes the cut. You are one of the best - and we appreciate you!!

Applied Self Direction

Consumer Directions Becomes an FMS Provider

Due to our outstanding leadership in Financial Management Services, we are pleased to announce that Consumer Directions has been awarded a FMS contract and will continue to provide services to you.  In order to be awarded this contract, very high and rigorous standards were required to be met.

Excellence in Financial Management Services Award

Applied Self Direction MemberConsumer Directions was recognized nationally and voted best in the nation for the Excellence in Financial Management Services award as presented by Applied Self Direction. We were nominated for this award based on our exemplary leadership of FMS functions in the self-direction program. We have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to service and quality that is recognized nationally by both our colleagues and the people we serve. Click here to view our nomination.